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The exhilaration, healing, growth and empowerment within offshore sailing has inspired us to create art prints, editions and sailing experiences at the intersection of life force and oceanic exploration.

Let the beauty of the nautical world wash through your inner most being.

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Blue Water Services Global is introducing, Crystalline Voyage, a collection of artwork for private & commercial clients. The best content from our sailing voyages in South Florida, The Bahamas and Caribbean. Connect with us for custom solutions.

Vibrachrome™ prints are created using a specially coated paper printed on a dye-sublimation press, transferred to a separate press that heats the print against the face of the metal at 400 degrees F. As the water in the ink evaporates, the ink transitions from a solid to gaseous state. After the metal cools, the ink becomes permanent and scratch-resistant

Archival fine art prints created using fade-resistant, pigment-based dyes on a variety of papers. Create a single piece or a limited edition for your space. We print with Duggal Visual Solutions in New York, trusted for their expertise, materials and equipment to make sure every final detail in your giclée print has been thoughtfully considered.

Optically clear adhesive applied the face of a print, then adhered to to an acrylic sheet providing extra dimension and a floating effect. The edges are sealed, providing waterproofing and UV protection. A clean and modern look that can be framed or mounted.

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Charting Your Course

to the Heart

Try our artwork! Download Caribbean Passage, created with the Hasselblad H4D-40.

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Meet Kelly & Bruce

We began our company with a love for the ocean and wellness, managing and assisting the vessels that our clients call home. We embark on a new path together and are excited to offer nautical artwork.

Add meaning to your art collection or a fresh perspective to your space. We offer extraordinary value in the best of nautical lifestyle. A unique combination of experience in the arts including photography and sculpture, as well as, marine industry technologies, including private captain services.

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Allow us to find an outstanding yacht for your next sailing voyage, retreat or seminar.

Imagine custom designed wellness and self-development programs, paired with on board provisioning and private chef services. Oceanic rejuvenation.

Sail and experience growth, healing and empowerment. Discover the dynamic, deep and beautiful nature, anchored within your inner-most being.

Strength & Stillness

Learn how sailing is the balance between profound focused effort and an inner state of quiet & calm.
A flow revealing your authentic essence.


Experience the yoga tradition in a nautical environment, including meditation, pranayama and deep relaxation on board and at the marina.


Apply your practice to life, with tools learned in the areas of strength, stillness and healing.
Feel the power of the wind and sea

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Our sail & power deliveries to and from The Bahamas & British Virgin Islands.

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“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

– Krishnamacharya

Vayu – Thoughts on Sailing

Vayu means wind, breath or life-force in the yoga tradition. It relates to subtle energetic forces in the body. To sail the mystical winds of Vayu we not only explore the winds we would navigate adjusting our sails but the inner winds as well; sense impressions, ideas, body/mind connection, vision and elimination.

Have you ever had the feeling you were drifting away from your purpose? I have felt it many times and it’s the reason I want to integrate yoga into the sailing experience in the first place, because I also know what it feels like to be in alignment, not only physically but with your true self.

Yoga was the very thing that helped me become a better sailor. Asanas laid the groundwork in physical practice, pranayama balanced my body through various breathing exercises, kirtan filled my heart with songs on quiet nights through offshore deliveries and meditation prepared me for some of my most challenging moments.

It’s not perfect, yet instead an ever evolving practice. One filled with love and gratitude. My teachers there every step of the way.

Our vision: Self-Development Sailing Experiences
Charting Your Course to the Heart

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